Acacia Honey & EUCALYPTUS Honey by XAXU Acacia Honey & EUCALYPTUS Honey by XAXU

Which Natural Honey
is right for you?

Acacia Honey

Versatile golden sweetness for culinary joy and well-being.

Starting from Rs.1050


Eucalyptus Honey

Bold flavor, potential respiratory benefits.

Starting from Rs.1250


Key features of
Acacia & Eucalyptus Honey

Icone for packing

Delicate Flavor

Aromatic Elegance

Slow Crystallization

Antioxidant Boost

Golden Hue

Versatile Sweetener

Raw and Unfiltered

Sustainable Sourcing

All-Ages Friendly

Gourmet Gift

Helps with

Digestive Health
Skin Radiance
Allergy Relief
Energy Boost
Better Sleep
Weight Management
Immune Support

Icone for packing

Distinctive Flavor

Therapeutic Aroma

Immune Support

Respiratory Benefits

Antimicrobial Properties

Raw and Unfiltered

Creamy Texture

100% Pure

Ethical Sourcing

Culinary Twist

Helps with

Respiratory Wellness
Cold and Flu Relief
Antibacterial Properties
Cough Suppressant
Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
Mental Clarity
Boosts Circulation

Sidr Honey in Pakistan Sidr Honey in Pakistan

Wild Sidr Honey

Rare, rich taste with potential health perks.

Starting from Rs.2300


Key Features of Wild Sidr Honey

Icone for packing

Rare and Exotic:

Rich Flavor Profile

Medicinal Traditions

Slow Crystallization

Dark Amber Luxury

Limited Harvest

Single-Origin Purity

Tea & Coffee Enhancement

Artisanal Harvesting

Luxurious Gift

Helps with

Digestive Harmony
Wound Healing
Natural Antibiotic
Stress Reduction
Cardiovascular Support


I used it was genuine 100% just ordered another 2 bottles

It was an authentic product thank you for being pure xaxu its good to have you guys please be same dont let anything get into authenticity i appreciate the work you guys doing


100% Original, High Quality Product. I'm very satisfied.

Waseem Raza

Honey 🍯 is best zabardust