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Welcome to the world of ultimate wellness at Xaxu! Check out our exquisite range featuring Circa, Circa Boost, Cardio5, and indulgent honey variants like Acacia, Eucalyptus, and Sidr. Pamper your skin with Estoril, and Acknil, and feel the luxurious goodness of our Foot Repair Cream & Activ8!

Introducing Our Circa Collection

Experience nature's finest blend of apple cider vinegar created from the finest apples from Quetta.

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Our Natural Cardio5 Elixir

Pick our Cardio5 with the blend of ginger, garlic, lemon, circa, and honey for optimal wellness.

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Our Magical Circa Boost

Infused with ginger, turmeric, and black pepper properties, energize your day with our Circa Boost.

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Our Circa Boost & Cardio5 Duo

Discover the perfect synergy of health benefits with Cardio5 and Circa Boost. Elevate your well-being naturally.

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Our Circa & Cardio5 TWIN

Enjoy the combined goodness of Circa with the energy of Cardio5's mix for a healthy boost to your well-being.

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Pure Bliss in Our Honey Collection

Our honey is 100% pure, raw, and cold-extracted, ensuring it's free from additives or chemicals. Choose from Acacia, Sidr, and Eucalyptus, sourced from Kashmir, Kohat, and Bannu respectively.
Acacia Honey in Pakistan

Acacia Honey

Sourced from Kashmir's pristine valleys, our Acacia Honey is cold-extracted, preserving its delicate flavor. It has no preservatives added.

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Wild Sidr Honey in Pakistan

Wild Sidr Honey

Discover the essence of Sidr Honey, sourced from Karak and Kohat. It is cold-extracted and diabetic-friendly with a low glycemic index.

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EUCLYTUS Honey in Pakistan by XAXU

Eucalyptus Honey

Unveil our Eucalyptus Honey from DI Khan and Bannu. Herbal sweetness is packed with antioxidants. It may support stomach health.

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Our Luminous Skincare Collection

Our natural skincare collection offers you the best products for your skin and your well-being. Each product is made from the finest ingredients sourced from nature and science, ensuring you experience the ultimate in skincare luxury.
XAXU Foot Repair Cream

Foot Repair Cream

Revitalize cracked heels with our Foot Repair Cream. Glycerin and oleic acid may provide soothing relief for healthier feet.

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XAXU Anti-Aging Night Cream

Estoril Cream

Estoril Cream may enhance your skin's radiance with glycerin and oleic acid. Addresses wrinkles & dullness, for glowing skin.

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Xaxu Acknil Pimple & Acne Solution


Our Acknil serum combats acne and pimples with our potent formula. It may reduce bacterial issues for clearer, radiant skin.

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Xaxu Active8 For Joint Pain


Active8 has a unique formula made from a blend of turpentine oil and camphor powder that may help soothe joint pain. 

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